Getting to Know Mold 

Mold spores are invisible extensions of an original mold source that float through the air and settle in various areas of properties. They are present in nearly every environment on earth, making it nearly impossible to “fully remove” all traces of the dangerous substance. Although some mold testing companies may claim 100% removal, it simply isn’t true.

Mold Characteristics

  • Mold is always present in your home, business or property – inside and outside.
  • Mold spores can travel through the air and enter your property in a variety of ways such as: through open windows, entryways, HVAC systems, or even on the clothes you wear.
  • The common denominator with mold is moisture. Mold colonies and the subsequent spores must have access to moisture in order to multiply.
  • Prior to mold interventions, areas of excess moisture or condensation must be cleaned up at the source. If not, the mold might come back.
  • The telltale symptom that mold has taken residence in your residence is a palpable musty odor. Oftentimes, following the smell can lead you straight to where it is coming from.
  • Many homes maintain high humidity levels for one reason or another. Even overly-humid living areas can provide a breeding ground for fungal growth. It is best to keep inside humidity to a maximum of 45%.

Mold Inspection 

It can be annoying to simply speculate about the possibility of mold growth somewhere in your space. If you want to stop having to speculate, then it’s in your best interest to conduct a mold inspection. Mould inspections can work out in your favor in all sorts of ways. Early mold identification can enable you to nip issues in the bud immediately. If you don’t want your mold situation to have the time to spiral further and further out of control, nothing can work out better for you than setting up an appointment for an exhaustive professional assessment from bona fide mold technicians. The secret is in the meticulous and thorough assessment we provide. This industry is filled with mold remediation companies that cut corners. Whether it is speeding through inspections and potentially missing a problem or falsely charging customers for mold tests they don’t really need, you need a company you can trust. We utilize professionally calibrated devices such as moisture meters and infrared cameras to maintain accuracy and consistency far beyond what the human eye could provide. Mold inspections reduce vulnerability to possible structural issues as well. If you want to safeguard your structure from the damaging effects of mold, then acting on the possibility of mold growth is paramount.

Moisture Assessment

When investigating mold growth, there is more than just what you are able to see on the walls or corners. It is not hard to understand that mold can be an invisible intruder. Growth can occur for years under carpets, behind wallpaper, between floors and generally anywhere else in the building. For such an elusive enemy, inquisitive thinking is necessary.

Mold Damage

In addition to the damage mold causes to your home’s structure and integrity, it also can cause severe damage to your personal belongings. Our team helps get some of the most important things in your life back to normal. Mold Removal Kirkland is here to give you peace of mind during situations that can be terrifying and unexpected.

Mold Removal Preparation

Indoor mold growth can turn exponential in just 48-72 hours when a water emergency strikes. Damage from mold can wreak havoc on not just your personal health, but also the materials in your home. Mold Removal Kirkland brings the experience, materials, and state-of-the-art equipment required to control any problems you may encounter. Until we arrive on scene, there are a few things you SHOULD do as well as some you SHOULD NOT:

  • What SHOULD you do:
    • Steer clear of known problem areas
    • Turn off any HVAC systems or fans that can potentially spread contaminated air
    • Speak with our team and tell them the situation to initiate the mold testing and remediation process as quickly as possible.
  • What you SHOULD NOT do:
    • Stay in close proximity to known mold growth
    • Try and touch or move any materials with surface mold present
    • Do not use a fan or other device that disturbs air flow in the area
    • Avoid trying to dry the affected materials on your own
    • Do not use cleaning supplies such as bleach or antimicrobial agents on the area.

Getting Rid of Mold

As we know, mold is an invisible enemy. Just because the elusive microorganisms that invade your home are no longer visible, you may not be out of the woods yet. The last step in our mold removal process is to ensure that we accomplished what we came to do. Although it may be difficult to validate, we have trusted methods to make sure we are as sure as we can possibly be.

We always recommend homeowners become extra aware of moisture and water damage during every phase of the process, but especially now. If you see something – say something! There should be no visible mold, water or odors left in the home after remediation is completed. Professional testing at the conclusion of the procedure is one of the best ways we can make sure the problem is really as gone as it looks. We also work with property owners to develop moisture management strategies that will help keep problems like these at bay for good. Although it may be impossible to fully get rid of all mold molecules (they are present everywhere in the world), we make sure the dangerous and destructive ones will be seen no more. As a helpful reminder, the biggest issues when it comes to getting the mold remediation job done right is speed to intervention and understanding the seriousness of the problem. Call us today to avoid any possible chance of mycotoxin reproduction in your property.

Common Areas of Mold Growth 

Attics, Basements, Crawlspaces, Interior Walls, Under Sinks, Beneath Wallpaper, Windowsills, Chimneys, Furnaces, Air Ducts, Kitchen appliances, Plumbing enclosures, Foundation, And More..



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